Stanley, Willis, and
  the Bucky Cowch with Helga

Stanley, Willis, and the Bucky Cowch with Helga

The Cowches

Helga's cowches are lush and furry life-size soft sculpture floor pillows. Each cowch is handmade, signed and numbered. Each cowch is made in the likeness of a real cow that was or is a resident of Helga's sanctuary! Helga does not use any real cow parts in her artwork.

Each cowch can be made in three sizes: newborn (3 feet), yearling (5 feet) and adult (8 feet). Prices range from $300 to $800 (the purchase of a cowch is not a tax-deductible expense). Cowches can also be customized for any special purpose. Since each of Helga's creations is custom-designed, it is best for you to call Helga at 856-455-6637 and describe your request to her. You may also send an e-mail to Helga at her e-mail address: Helga can also be reached by mail at: P. O. Box 227, Shiloh, NJ 08353, U.S.A.

And, WAIT! Helga now also makes rats! Lots of different kinds of rats! And she sells them for $10 each! Best of all, each cowch comes with a free rat! See the gallery below for a selection of cowches and rats!

The Surprise cowch and the real Surprise with his mother
Surprise Cowch The real Surprise with his mother
The Harvey cowch and the real Harvey with Helga
The Harvey Cowch The real Harvey with Helga
The Charlie cowch and the real Charlie
The Charlie Cowch The real Charlie
The Beatrice cowch and the real Beatrice
The Beatrice Cowch The real Beatrice
The Bucky cowches and the real Bucky
The Bucky cowches The real Bucky
All cowches are custom-made but here is an example of a very special custom request.
Shown below, with Helga and Harvey, is the "Gateway" cowch made for Gateway Computers in 1994.
Helga, Harvey and the Gateway cowch
And finally, Helga's many rats!
A Basket of Rats! Three rats!